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A piece written by Sydney J. Harris about black lives in America

Newspaper story detailing antagonism between VA Democratic primary candidates, Armistead L. Boothe and Harry F. Byrd, Jr.

Newspaper story quoting an article by Charles Morgan, Jr. warning black voters against segregationist politicians.

An open letter from the SSOC urging Manhattan Bank CEO David Rockerfeller to divest from South African apartheid.

Article in the Atlanta Journal about the number of blacks in office throughout the South.

Newspaper story detailing Boothe's thoughts on the Civil Rights movement and the need to "consolidate gains"

Newspaper story detailing the Virginia Independent Voter's League (a black voter organization) endorsement of Armistead L. Boothe and William B. Spong for the 1966 Virginia Democratic primary.

Letter to the Editor on behalf of Armistead L. Boothe's candidacy that highlights his scholarship and efforts to maintain his southern accent while at Oxford.
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