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U.S. News and World Report publishes an article from the American Bar Association Journal about how civil rights initiatives threaten private liberties by lawyer Edward Cummerford

Proposed Civil Rights Act of 1963 H.R. 7152 -Comparison of Full Committee Bill with Subcommittee Bill which was Rejected

A. H. Yancey coins the term "interpositionulificaiton" to describe the relationship between black people and white people

Newspaper article detailing difficulties that particular New Towns (or planned communities) have been facing in development

How one man-one vote, poll taxes, and blacks voting will affect political races in VA

Bertha C. Scales, candidate, Orlando, Florida, School Board,

"Four Negro pupils, first to breach the color line in the history of Virginia public schools, leave home to attend classes at Stratford Junior High school this morning. They are, from left, Gloria Thompson, Ronald Deskins, Lance Newman, and Michael…

A document listing the plan to resist federal desegregation orders in Arlington, Virginia
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