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A petition from the families of school age children in Charlottesville, Virginia to integrate children and reorganize public school system

Report given to the superintendent of Charlottesville Public Schools outlining the evidence for segregation in Charlottesville

Documents from the planning committee meeting about desegregation in public schools

A report on segregation in virginia created by the Committee on Public Relations and Education of Richmond and the NAACP

Documents include: correspondence about pupil placement tests, petition against racial segregation in public schools, and newspaper clippings

Fendall R. Ellis, the Superintendent of Charlottesville Public Schools, discusses the Charlottesville School Desegregation Plan and test results for student Gloria Hamilton

Miscellaneous documents about efforts to resist federal desegregation orders in Virginia public schools from Charlottesville to Arlington, Virginia

Mrs. Edna Harris has five school age children

Interview with a Charlottesville resident about integration of public schools

A letter from the Charlottesville Freedom Movement with a list of demands for integration by the Fall of 1965
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