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Transcript of a radio speech by Harry F. Byrd urging the Virginia General Assembly to create private non-sectarian schools.

Civil Rights Movement: Martin Luther King, Sit-Ins, Arrests, Marches, Ku Klux Klan Rallies, Yale School of Architecture 1963, 1965-1967

Newsletter describing the history, goals, and aims of the Virginia Students Civil Rights Committee (VSCRC)

Article about the Equal Opportunity Survey in Virginia

Thomas N. Gardner writes to the VSCRC about joining as a student intern

Interview with a Charlottesville resident about integration of public schools

Mrs. Edna Harris has five school age children

A document listing the plan to resist federal desegregation orders in Arlington, Virginia

Miscellaneous documents about efforts to resist federal desegregation orders in Virginia public schools from Charlottesville to Arlington, Virginia

Fendall R. Ellis, the Superintendent of Charlottesville Public Schools, discusses the Charlottesville School Desegregation Plan and test results for student Gloria Hamilton
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