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Speech delivered by Julian Bond during Black Culture Week at UVa on the future of activism under Nixon's administration.

Speech by Julian Bond at Howard University School of Law related to the role of the law and legal profession in work on civil rights.

Speech by Julian Bond at the AAG Atlas Awards in Tampa, Fla. discussing the effects of black American activism on international relations and foreign policy.

A speech and Q&A session with Julian Bond at the Westminster Town Forum

Documents from the planning committee meeting about desegregation in public schools

James J. Kilpatrick, Editor of the Richmond News Leader, gives an address before the City Club of Cleveland, Ohio

Transcript of a radio speech by Harry F. Byrd urging the Virginia General Assembly to create private non-sectarian schools.

Julian Bond discusses the impact of the Voting Rights Act on his political career and the lessons contemporary activists can draw from his experience.

Julian Bonds describes the History of Civil Rights 1964-1968, and the lessons student activists can learn from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

Julian Bond discusses the need for black Americans to organize to overcome persisting racial inequality
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