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SCLC Newsletter discussing non-violence, voter registration, and schools

Southern Christian Leadership Conference Newsletter: New Office in DC, Presidential Meeting, 1435 new registered voters

SCLC newsletter on Time Magazine naming Dr. King 'Man of Year' Three SCLC staff members go to jail in desegregation attempt, SCLC president first negro to be so named in 37 years

SCLC Newsletter: Randolph Blackwell joins SCLC staff, SCLC dispatches ant-root team North, Dr. King tour Mississippi

SCLC newsletter: victories in St. Augustine against Klan, rebuilt Georgia churches, 270,000 negroes registered to vote, demonstrators assaulted by police and kkk

SCLC Newsletter: Maps voter drive, all out assault on Alabama segregation, SCLC board members and NYT win reversal in $500,000 suit, five point plan adopted in state wide meet of 215

Editor Ed Clayton of SCLC Newsletter asking Sarah Patton Boyle to be a regular columnist feature in SCLC newsletter
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