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U.S. News and World Report publishes an article from the American Bar Association Journal about how civil rights initiatives threaten private liberties by lawyer Edward Cummerford

report from Committee on Pupil Preference Plan to offer segregated schools to children whose parents object to desegregated schooling

An in-depth look at the public schools in Charlottesville in midst of desegregation from the Regional Consultant for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

A report about the experiences of people resisting federal integration orders

Report from Professor of Economics James Buchanan to Fenwick about Public Schools

Memorandum in reference to methods used to force report of judiciary committee on Civil Rights

Blueprint for the Total Federal Regimentation: Analysis of the Civil Rights Act of 1963

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A report on segregation in virginia created by the Committee on Public Relations and Education of Richmond and the NAACP

An information packet about SNCC's fieldwork in 1963. Contains full time staff members, field workers, statistical surveys of population/race/income of targeted counties in Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama. Survey also includes plans and…

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Report by SNCC about the conditions of the Alabama Negro to publish for the public

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