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Photo reproduced from the CBS program "The Lost Class of '59," a documentary featuring the story of Massive Resistance to school desegregation in Virginia

Protestors in Richmond gathered to protest the closing of Prince Edward Co. Public Schools. The county school board closed the schools rather than comply with a federal court order to integrate them

"Four Negro pupils, first to breach the color line in the history of Virginia public schools, leave home to attend classes at Stratford Junior High school this morning. They are, from left, Gloria Thompson, Ronald Deskins, Lance Newman, and Michael…

Civil Rights Movement: Martin Luther King, Sit-Ins, Arrests, Marches, Ku Klux Klan Rallies, Yale School of Architecture 1963, 1965-1967

Photographs of Julian Bond's 1971-1972 tours of Alabama and Louisiana as part of the Voter Education Project

Photographs of Julian Bond ca. 1970-1990

Photographs of Julian Bond being expelled from the Georgia House of Representatives

Photographs of Julian Bond's 1986 Congressional Campaign

Photograph of Julian Bond with NAACP and Barack Obama in 2008

Portrait of Armistead L. Boothe
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