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A discussion of New Towns and the effect it has on the city population

Newspaper article detailing difficulties that particular New Towns (or planned communities) have been facing in development

Political cartoon depicting the narrow victory of Harry F. Byrd, Jr. in the 1966 VA Democratic primary

Newspaper clipping detailing illegal voting in the 1966 Democratic primary

Newspaper story detailing Byrd's call for Conservative Party votes in the Democratic primary

Article detailing shifting voting Virginia voting trends during Byrd-Booth primary campaign

Booth campaign advertisement in the Fauqier Democrat

Newspaper editorial attacking Armistead L. Boothe on his alleged opposition to Virginia's right-to-work law.

Newspaper story detailing the Conservative party of Virginia's nominations for the 1966 senate run in opposition to the Democratic party candidates.

Newspaper story detailing Harry F. Byrd's opinion of the Johnson administration's fair housing proposals.
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