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Map layout of the plans for developing Reston homes

An editorial from the Associate Director of the National Urban League about discrimination in 1963. Reprinted from The American Guild

Letter from John Satterfield of Satterfield, Shell, Williams and Buford Attorneys at Law about Civil Rights Bill about civil rights bill with info attached about history of legislation and Rough Comments Concerning the Full Committee Substitute for…

Compilation of Material for Use in Connection with Report On Full Committee Substitute for H.R. 7152: Basic Purposes and Results of the Legislation

Meeting confirmation between John Satterfield and Howard Smith about Civil Rights Bill in November to discuss

An editorial written by Rep. Edith Green (Ore,D) about education and federal government funding and analysis/status of Civil Rights bill of 1963

Proposed Civil Rights Act of 1963 H.R. 7152 -Comparison of Full Committee Bill with Subcommittee Bill which was Rejected

Blueprint for the Total Federal Regimentation: Analysis of the Civil Rights Act of 1963

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Congressman Peter Frelinghuysen outlines the implications of a newly introduced civil rights bill
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