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Prince Edward School District Integration Debate

Roanoke Merged.pdf

A retrospective on Virginia's massive resistance to federal integration orders led by segregationist Senator Harry F. Byrd.

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A Historical View of Progressive Voting Records


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A Shifting Electorate in the 1966 Virginia Democratic Primary


The 1966 Virginia Democratic Primary campaigns of Harry F. Byrd, Jr. and Armistead L. Boothe reveal a distinct shift in the Virginia electorate that would effect the future of Virginia politics.

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Affordable Housing in Reston, Virginia: A Dream Deferred

Reston, VA pamphlet.pdf

A history of the conception and development of the planned community of Reston, Virginia. Originally concieved as an experiement in mixed-income, racially integrated city planning, Reston ultimately failed to realize some of its more utopic possibilities.  

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