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The Case for Genocide


The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s (SNCC) pamphlet calling for a scrutiny of the acts of Mississippi’s State government, on the grounds of perpetuating genocide.

FBI's Role in the Civil Rights Movement


J. Edgar Hoover's letter to the Justice Department describing the FBI's jurisdiction after rampant violence in Mississippi. 


How to Practice Nonviolence

How to Practice Nonviolence

SNCC Pamphlet describing the practice and merits of nonviolence from the perspective of the Mississippi Freedom Summer.


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Prince Edward School District Integration Debate

Roanoke Merged.pdf

A retrospective on Virginia's massive resistance to federal integration orders led by segregationist Senator Harry F. Byrd.

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SNCC Demographic Report


A report published by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee discussing and analyzing demographic information for Mississippi with a focus on population changes due to civil rights tensions. 

Massive Resistance: An Overview

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An overview of the main figures, events, and outcomes of Virginia's Massive Resistance camapign from 1954 through the 1960s

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Civil Rights in Retrospect: Julian Bond Speaks on the Movement and the Media


An analysis of the relationship between the Civil Rights Movement and the media industry.

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A Historical View of Progressive Voting Records


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A Shifting Electorate in the 1966 Virginia Democratic Primary


The 1966 Virginia Democratic Primary campaigns of Harry F. Byrd, Jr. and Armistead L. Boothe reveal a distinct shift in the Virginia electorate that would effect the future of Virginia politics.

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Affordable Housing in Reston, Virginia: A Dream Deferred

Reston, VA pamphlet.pdf

A history of the conception and development of the planned community of Reston, Virginia. Originally concieved as an experiement in mixed-income, racially integrated city planning, Reston ultimately failed to realize some of its more utopic possibilities.  

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