The Social Movements Collection


The Social Movements Collection


The largest issue addressed by this collection was the Vietnam War and the draft, but it also covered civil rights, the rise of feminism, student rights, the Black Panthers, desegregation at the state and local level, and the formation of libertarian and conservative groups.


The Committee for a Social Movements Collection (CSMC) was formed in the late sixties to search for and preserve the publications of the alternative press of America at the University of Virginia Library. The Committee decided to collect the writings of both the radical right and the radical left. Several activist groups flourished at the University of Virginia and Alderman Library employees (including Mavert Buenfil, Charles Finn, Steve Squire, and Kendon Stubbs) began an active effort to collect all kinds of ephemera relating to the protest movements, such as leaflets, newsletters, newspapers, press releases, etc. They also began to seek out other underground publications of extremist groups, by donation from members of the groups or subscription.

This collection contains items collected from a diverse group of over 500 different social movement groups between 1941 and 1984. The types of materials include letters, mailings, posters, bumper stickers, pins, pamphlets, booklets, and reading lists. The collection contains about 4,500 items (15 Hollinger boxes, ca. 6 linear feet). The materials come from all over the world, but are mainly focused in the United States.

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Items in the The Social Movements Collection Collection

An open letter from the SSOC urging Manhattan Bank CEO David Rockerfeller to divest from South African apartheid.

SSOC demand more diverse appointments to the UVa Board of Visitors with annotation at bottom of document giving time of demonstration if demands are not met.

South Carolina SSOC newsletter including commentary on racist policing

SSOC pamphlet with strategies for organizers to study their hometowns

Pamphlet advertising a conference on Radical Southern History at Emory University